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Remove the AD of with Stylish

2014-06-28 hack xbu is a decent email service by Microsoft. I’ve been enjoying it and its past lives, but sometimes I feel the ad bar annoying…

The ad bar is placed as right pane and doesn’t affect usage most of the time. Sometimes it showed interesting stuff. But sometimes it’s not cool. If the screen is not wide enough, the subject column is left with only 5 to 6-char width and the ad remains. Couldn’t MS provide an option to show the ad as a banner at the bottom of the page? with AD displayed

To reclaim space, I created a Stylish script (The script has been uploaded to

@-moz-document domain( {
    #RightRailContainer {display: none;}
    .WithRightRail {right: 0 !important;}

Effect with AD displayed

But again, is an awesome service and if at all possible, don’t kill the ads.

Update for new recently rolled out new interface which makes the original hack ineffective. The updated CSS hack, in turn, is as follows:

@-moz-document domain( {
    /* For old */
    #RightRailContainer {display: none;}
    .WithRightRail {right: 0 !important;}
    /* For new */
    ._n_h {display: none; width: 0;}
    #primaryContainer div[style*="right: 165px;"] {right:0 !important;}

Because the AD element is neither named nor classified, a slightly complex selector is used. The effect looks like the following:

New with ad removed

Update for new Beta (Summer 2017)

The ID and class of the ad DOM are now randomly generated strings. The hack no longer works.

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