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Reduce Margin between Tabs and Title Bar in Firefox Australis

2014-04-29 xbu

Australis has been incorporated to release channel since Firefox 29, replacing title bar with tabs bar. One thing to be picky about is that there is a margin above tabs and it wastes vertical space.


Update 3

The Stylish addon seems no longer maintained. Stylus seems a working alternative.

Update 2

Since Firefox 53, two new compact themes have been introduced (read here). With these themes, the stylish hack is no longer needed.

Firefox Compact Themes. Credit: Dan Callahan

Update 1

For convenience the script has been added to


Solution 1

In Stylish add-on (, create a new user script with the following content:

:root[sizemode="normal"] #titlebar {
  margin-bottom: -60px !important;

and the gap will be removed.

Solution 2

With some further search I found this post: where “Gingerbread Man” posted another solution that is shorter but produces the same outcome:

#TabsToolbar { margin-top: 0px !important; }

I prefer this solution.



Firefox 29 Australis has a margin above tabs.


The margin is removed.

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