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A Comparison of PHP Micro-frameworks

2014-02-03 tutorial xbu

I have a few projects that need PHP server side. After a few trials to write classes myself I realized there must be wheels already invented (“frameworks”). After some research I found myself prefer micro-frameworks strongly over some full-fledged frameworks. And further research did give me some interesting names.

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Purdue CS240 Autograder

2013-12-17 project xbu
For historical curiosity, this page records the work of Autograder, an automated grading platform used in Purdue CS240 “Programming in C” course. Students submit code for grading and later receive grades. This platform encouraged students to try achieving best score and also greatly reduced TAs’ workload. In Fall 2014 a new project gitlab-ag, based on GitLab, replaced Autograder. Autograder has been deprecated. The purpose of this page is to summarize the knowledge and experience gained from this project so that we make better things in the future. Continue reading

Emulating Raspberry Pi with QEMU

2013-11-16 project xbu
The USB-TTL cable I’m provided with doesn’t support Windows 8.x, which is super inconvenient. So I decided to make a virtual machine running Occidentalis so that I don’t have to work on the real Pi. “Occidentalis” is Adafruit’s Raspberry Pi educational distro. More details can be found here. Before I made everything from scratch, I did some research and found one article that already discussed emulating RPi on Linux x86-64, and it works. Continue reading
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