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Performance Characterization of Suricata's Thread Models

2017-12-24 project xbu
In a previous project my fellow Amit Sheoran and I examined how well Suricata IDS runs inside Docker container and virtual machine environments. In April 2017, we further examined Suricata’s various thread models, as a project for Purdue CS525 Parallel Computing course. In this article we first introduce the thread models, and then compare them in terms of performance and resource utilization. Suricata’s Multi-Thread Architecture Compared to Snort IDS, the biggest feature of Suricata is that it adopts multi-threaded design to achieve high performance. Continue reading

Benchmarking Suricata in Different Isolation Systems Using TCPreplay

2016-09-16 project xbu

Containers like LXC are becoming a popular solution to program isolation. Compared to virtual machines (VM), containers tend to have less resource overhead and higher performance, which makes it interesting to explore how much benefit we can get from deploying virtual network functions (VNF) with containers instead of VMs. Therefore, we conducted an experiment in which we compared performance and resource usage of Suricata, a popular multi-threaded IDS program, in bare metal, Docker container, and virtual machine setups, and in different load levels and resource allocation configurations.

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