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IE Cache Location and Metro App Crash

2014-10-04 troubleshooting xbu

For very long time I have been creating RAM disk and pointing temp and cache dirs there to improve I/O performance and reduce unnecessary SSD writes. Since Windows 8, changing the cache location of IE (a.k.a. “Temporary Internet Files”) to a RAM disk could result in crashes of Metro (a.k.a. “Modern”) apps, which I didn’t figure out why until recently. The problem is also observable in Windows 10.

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Emulating Raspberry Pi with QEMU

2013-11-16 project xbu
The USB-TTL cable I’m provided with doesn’t support Windows 8.x, which is super inconvenient. So I decided to make a virtual machine running Occidentalis so that I don’t have to work on the real Pi. “Occidentalis” is Adafruit’s Raspberry Pi educational distro. More details can be found here. Before I made everything from scratch, I did some research and found one article that already discussed emulating RPi on Linux x86-64, and it works. Continue reading
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